Pet surfing and its evolution over the years

Pet surfing is one kind of an event that has really evolved over the years. It is now considered as a serious sport with many pets taking part. One of them that stand out the most in pet surfing is Dog surfing.

Surfing has been considered as a cool thing from a long time and pet surfing has completely revamped the thought process of many people involved in this profession. This transformation has been immense and dog surfing has got new heights where few dogs even have their own surf instructors. Many events take place annually where pets of different breed and sizes took their guts to waves alongside their owners. That’s not all, there are few events designed in which owners surf with their pet. The wetsuit that these pets wear is made of the same material that is being used by U.S navy seals.

How are pets judged?

The dogs which take part in the dog surfing events are judged on the time spent while surfing, the skills displayed while surfing and the confidence that they had while displaying surfing skills.

How safe is Dog surfing?

Surfing may look like a safe, funny sport but it can go ugly sometimes. While you take your dog to surf or even train them, you must keep in mind that their health should be of top priority.

  • Since surfing involves a demanding physical activity that takes place in cold water, pets should be taken for a checkup to a veterinary surgeon.
  • You also need to make sure that your pet wears life vests when they participate in any practice session or event.

The kind of training regime that these pets follow is at the level of Olympic athletes. Although it takes a lot of practice, you need to make sure that it is a kind of fun event for them.